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Make STEAM Learning (More!) Fun With Destination Imagination

Are your kids’ extracurriculars cancelled or up in the air? As parents and educators, our kids’ safety and well-being is our top priority…but we also need to keep them engaged, learning, and connected to their peers. And that can feel like an impossible task right now.

Since we can’t predict the future, we had to come up with a creative solution to keep kids safe and on track. This school year, Destination Imagination redesigned its program so that students can participate 100% virtually. We offer seven different STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) Team Challenges that kids solve togetherwithout any interference from adults. Teams that participate also have the opportunity to showcase their innovative Challenge solutions through a Destination Imagination tournament—the ultimate celebration of their creative journey together. And no matter which Challenge your kids choose to solve, each one helps them improve their creative thinking, problem-solving, project management, and teamwork skills—and does so in a way that is seriously fun.

Check out this season’s Team Challenges:


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