Provincial Tournament Timeline

COVID-19 Update: Unlike in the past where we have gathered in-person to hold a tournament, we will be doing things differently this year. Every team around the world, regardless of where they are, will be asked to send in a digital recording of their Challenge Solution. DIOntario will be holding a Virtual Tournament so that EVERY team will have an equal opportunity to compete and be appraised with the possibility of moving on to Global Finals. Here are some important dates:

November 1: Scientific, Technical, Fine Arts, Service Learning and Rising Stars Challenges will be released. (Note: Team Managers must complete a Background Check before their team will receive their Central Challenge Package.)

December 1: Engineering and Improv Challenges will be released. (Note: Team Managers must complete a Background Check before their team will receive their Central Challenge Package.)

March 5: Instant Challenges for ALL ONTARIO TEAMS will be released on DI's Global Website.

March 8: Teams will have until March 8 to submit their recorded video solution. 

March 12: ONTARIO Improv Teams will receive their Improv Prompt.

March 15: ONTARIO Improv Teams will submit their recorded video solution.

March 19: All Other Teams will submit their recorded video solution.

March 20-29: Appraisers will get to work appraising your amazing submissions! Team Managers will receive an email with more details.

April 3 (tentative date): Recorded Awards Ceremony! 

While the 2020 Summer Virtual DI tournament presented a different set of challenges this year, the students at Morning Star Middle School rose above and decided to embrace the opportunity.  Our 4 teams used virtual tools and videoconferencing to connect with each other pretty much every day, but not just for social calls - to actually create! The theme of the challenge was "Distance Makes the Art Grow Stronger" but for our students this was more than true - the distance really brought our teams together when the boredom and anxiety of social isolation were draining.  They worked hard, but it was satisfying, rich work.  When it was all done, and we were watching the live Youtube stream of the Virtual Global Finals together on MEET, the thrill of seeing our teams' numbers flash across the screen with a 4th place and a 10th place finish in one of the Instant Challenges felt like we won Olympic gold! 

- Catherine Everett, Grade 7 Arts and Technology Program at Morning Star Middle School