Volunteers and appraisers are just as cool as the kids who do DI. Without these good people, we couldn't run our organization or tournaments. Thank You!!

Each team must provide the name of at least ONE volunteer who can devote a minimum of 2 hours on the day of the tournament. That means that if your school sends three teams to the tournament, they should also send at least three volunteers. 


Volunteers (who are not appraisers) may be under the age of 18. For high school students, this is a perfect way to gain community service hours. For parents, this is a meaningful way to show support for a program that truly enriches the lives of the students who participate. There is no training session for volunteers... we will simply let you know 'when and where' you can be most helpful. If you know other amazing people who would like to assist, please spread the word.

Appraisers must be at least 18 years of age by the tournament date. When registering, you will be asked to choose a Challenge where you have no conflict of interest. Take a moment to look at the Central Challenge Previews so that you can see what each one entails. Training sessions will be held for each specific Challenge via conference call. All appraisers with less than 3 years experience will also be asked to dial into the "DI 101: Intro to Destination ImagiNation" training call. Please take a moment to review the Rules of the Road. It is an extremely useful handbook! And please email adrian@diontario.org or write to info@diontario.org if you have any questions.

New this Year. Volunteers and Appraisers must adhere to the Youth Protection Policy

Volunteers and Appraisers