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Volunteers and Appraisers

Our volunteers and appraisers are just as cool as the kids who do DI. Without these good people, we couldn't run our organization or tournaments. Thank You!!


Here are a few ways that you can help us throughout the year:

  • Fundraising - as a registered non-profit, approaching businesses and organizations for donations and grants

  • Advertising - spreading the word that this is a great social, emotional, and educational experience for kids

  • Community Outreach - making DIOntario an organization where diversity, inclusion, and equity are at the core of our program

  • Virtual Workshops and Production - working with a team to put together workshops and videos

If you would like to help appraise our virtual tournament, and are over the age of 18, please send an email to No experience is necessary - the Challenge Masters will provide training in March. Teams have until April 2, 2022, to submit their entries, so appraisers will need time during the first two weeks of April to meet (remotely) with their appraising team. 

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