Global Finals 2021: Kansas City

By delaying the date of Global Finals 2021 to July 21-24, DIHQ is optimistic that they can hold a safe in-person event in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • The cost of registration will be $5500US per team. Additional costs for transportation, housing, and food will be met by the teams.

  • Teams from outside the United States will be eligible for a $500 credit to cover fees for visas and passports.

  • Teams will have their 2020-21 Team Challenge solutions scored by Global Finals Appraisers and aired over the course of the week in Kansas City.

  • Since the environment around COVID-19 remains fluid, HQ will release detailed, up-to-date safety measures on or before Monday, March 1, 2021. Contingency planning is also underway should a change in plans become necessary.

DIOntario is planning an incredible virtual National Tournament for students to meet and compete with other teams from all across Canada. 

Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity

To learn more about our own success story, click here 

This summer, our Global Finals competition went entirely virtual due to Covid-19. Not only did it put our own quick, creative problem-solving skills to the test, but also that of elementary through high school students across the world. More than 600 teams from 15 countries participated in Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity, and we received 2,200 submissions across our Virtual Team Challenge, Instant Challenge, and Team Challenge Showcase categories.


Our Virtual Team Challenge, Distance Makes the Art Grow Stronger, was designed specifically for Global Finals 2020 and students had just six weeks to solve it with their team members. Teams were tasked with creating and performing a story about characters who work together to reach a goal. They also had to create and incorporate a work of art into their performance and use at least one video conferencing platform to tell their story.

The creativity and innovation displayed by our teams was nothing short of extraordinary and we encourage you to watch some of the winning solutions for our Global Finals 2020 Virtual Team Challenge.