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Ed and Betty Got Married!

A special bit of news: Ed (Treasurer, Scientific Challenge Master and Alumni) and Betty (Instant Challenge Appraiser and Volunteer) got married this summer! And in true DI spirit, they challenged their wedding guests to solve this Instant Challenge at their wedding.

Pillar of Love Instant Challenge

Betty and Ed require you to build a pillar that will support their love. You and your tablemates will construct a structure using the materials provided that will support an object representing their love.

Challenge: Build a structure that will support an object above table level.

Time:You will have 3.5 minutes to build your structure.


  • 3 sheets of paper

  • 4 mailing labels

  • 3 mini pipe cleaners

  • 4 straws

  • 5 paperclips


  1. One team member will bring the structure and place on top of table in the front.

  2. Team members will place object on top of structure.

  3. The height at the top of the object will be measured.

  4. 2 points for each centimetre the object is above the table.

  5. Structure must remain standing for duration of measurement.

Notes: You may not use the envelope, this sheet of paper, or any materials not listed above.

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