Empowering Students to Change the World

Destination Imagination is a non-profit program for students who are interested in an extracurricular experience that combines STEAM-based learning with teamwork and fun!

COVID-19 Update: Even though many schools have had to cancel extracurricular and enrichment activities, DIOntario will continue to offer a safe program where students can work in-person and/or virtually to collaborate with friends on a meaningful project. And since DI will be virtual this year, those friends can come from anywhere in Ontario! If DI is not being offered at your school, we can help you start your own team.

Thinking ahead to the upcoming year, when many of the usual school and extra-curricular activities won't be able to run safely, I would highly encourage teachers or community members to start a Destination Imagination team.  It will give students a chance to share their talents, explore interesting challenges, develop a ton of new skills, stretch their creativity, and build life-long friendships!


Catherine Everett Teacher - Arts and Technology Program - Grade 7   Morning Star Middle School