Let's Get Started!


1. Start by making a team of 2-7 students. In some schools, teachers will embed DI right into the curriculum. They will divide their students into smaller groups and each group will take on the Challenge that appeals to them the most. In other schools or organizations, DI is an enrichment or extracurricular activity where a group of interested students will work on DI during their lunch hour or after school. We also have Independent/Home school teams that are made up of siblings and friends who fall within the same age bracket. All are welcome!


2. Look over the Central Challenge Previews and choose the one that fits best with your team. If you would like more information about any of the Challenges, please don't hesitate to ask us. We can answer questions by email or help you plan a school visit.


3. Starting in August 2019, you can purchase a team number from Destination Imagination (Global). Note: The cost will be in US currency. Once you have done that, our Ontario affiliate will be notified.


4. Once you have finalized your choice (Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisation, Engineering, Service Learning or Rising Stars), a more detailed copy of the Challenge will be made available for you to print. You can get started right away!


5. Choose your Team Manager(s) as soon as possible. Team Managers can be teachers and/or parents. All the creative problem solving will come from the children, so a Team Manager's role is to guide and mentor the team. This is an important position - and we will be happy to support you in any way that we can. 


6. After purchasing your team number and getting your team organized, you will need to register for the Ontario Tournament on our Tournament page. As a non-profit volunteer-led organization, there will be a cost of $70.00 per team for the Ontario Tournament. Note: There will be no additional fees for Rising Stars teams.


7. You can find out more information about our Provincial Tournament by subscribing to our newsletters.