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Date: Saturday, March 2nd 2019
Location: Ecole Paul Desmarais

5315 Abbott St East, Stittsville

 Helpful Hints:

  1. Please arrive early. Budget time for parking, registration, moving props into the Prop Storage Area and checking in at your first challenge.

  2. Please remind your team volunteer to arrive early. Volunteers are the good people who help our tournaments run smoothly. Thank you!

  3. Assign a meeting place. Your kids are going to want to roam around to watch other teams perform. Fantastic! Just let them know when and where to meet up.

  4. Arrive at your challenges at least 20 minutes early. Teams will need to go over paperwork... and have time to take a deep breath before starting.

  5. Please make sure that ALL of your paperwork has been filled in BEFORE coming to the tournament. There is a handy checklist in your challenge package. For most challenges:

A. 5 complete copies of pages 1-2 of the Tournament Data Form

B. 1 completed copy of page 3 of the Tournament Data Form

C. 2 signed copies of the Declaration of Independence (Rules of the Road)

D. 1 copy of the Expense Report (Rules of the Road)

E. 1 signed copy of the Media Release form from EVERY Team Member and Team Manager. To save time when you check in at the tournament, please scan/photograph your signed Media Release forms and email them to 

F. 1 team Identification Sign (Team Number, Team Name, School, Level, Challenge)

G. 1 copy of the Team Clarification(s) issued to your team (if applicable.)

2017 Eastern Regional Tournament!

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